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TARC chronicle #1

So I haven’t posted in ages so here’s an update to my imaginary readers :
I’m at my university’s residential semester for 3 months, aka “training and resource center” (TARC)
And it’s pretty nice, but omg the down sides are getting to me. This place is really pretty though, but the fixed routines and the fact that it’s the same food every day really blows. It’s only been a week and I can’t wait to go back home. One week down, about twelve more to go .-.

SO I’VE BEEN REALLY INACTIVE LATELY. Like crazy. I’ve decided to up my tumbling again and this time, do something productive with it (at least for the time being) 
To be honest, I haven’t really been “feeling” Ramadan yet, you know what I mean? The first day is done with and hear I am studying for my mid tomorrow.
I’m hoping it’s just my mids and my mensies (I just LOVE calling it that) that are shunting my “full swing ramadan mode” but I’m worried I wont live up to my progress last year. 
TUMBLR. YOU HAVE TONS OF ISLAMIC CONTENT. I WILL GO THROUGH YOU. Hopefully, I’ll tumble my time looking at dua’s and stuff on tumblr AS WELL as balancing my work and studies .-. 
This is going to be difficult. I’ll start dhikr other mensie-friendly practices from tomorrow inshaAllah, after my mid. Allah please help me. 
Is anyone else feeling the same way this year?

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